"Raising the Bar" Quotes/Jokes/References

Check out what “Raising the Bar” brought us:


  • "You can’t even walk around a Walmart anymore without getting run over by some fat dick on a rascal."
  • "I’m fucking fat Kyle! I’m fucking fat as fucking fuck!"
  • "You gotta make your bathroom accessible for my mobility scooter or else I won’t be able to take a shit in your house."
  • "Well I’m off to go try to take a shit at Best Buy."
  • "You’re not fooling anybody asshole. Walk to the back of the line!" "I don’t have legs."
  • "All I wanted to do was to take a dump, your honor. After all I’ve been through, can’t I just take a dump at Best Buy?"
  • "Opponents of the measure are expressing their outrage by engaging in the act of rascal tipping." "…and may lead to fat people shitting their pants when they kick and scream on the floor."
  • "This is exactly what Adele is talking about. Our culture celebrates anorexia and tries to make us ashamed if we don’t have slim stomachs and perky little tits like Kyle." "Eating your latkes and gefilte fish and then putting your fingers down your throat because society tells you how to look."
  • "I’m fat as a whale and I don’t give two shits girl." "I’m only six and I’ve already had three heart attacks girlfriend."
  • The James Cameron song lyrics: “♫ His name is James, James Cameron! The bravest pioneer. No budget to steep, no sea to deep. Who’s that? It’s him! James Cameron.” “James Cameron, exporer of the sea… With a dying thirst to be the first, who could it be? That’s him! James Cameron! ♫”
  • Here comes Fatty Doo Doo.
  • "You got Randy Newman to do the theme song, you’re not trying that hard."
  • "This is where the bar was just a few years ago. It was lowered here when President Clinton got a blow job in the oval office and suddenly men who were just getting blow jobs in alleyways thought that they weren’t all that bad."
  • "I’m getting a pig heart!" "That pig over there gave me the evil eye!"
  • "I’m going to tell them my heart is sweeter than bacon, chil’."
  • "What? That little bitch beat me in the ratings. Aw hell no!"
  • "Yeah I’m fat and I’m pissed"
  • "Ain’t nobody could beat my boo boo in sketti wrestling."
  • "Yeah, tip assist!"
  • "Maybe somehow we lowered the bar, along time ago. And now we’re all sitting here in the stink of it all."
  • "James Cameron doesn’t do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron IS James Cameron."


  • Medicare and other insurance providers that cover for power wheelchairs/motorized scooters have been scammed for years by fradulent claims by those who want to get a scooter for free.
  • Cartman’s voice-over monologue about “being treated differently” and the corresponding music is a reference to Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia”, a song written for the film Philadelphia. Yep, Cartman compares being obese to having HIV/AIDS.
  • Last week, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's season finale beat South Park's season premiere in the ratings, which led South Park to have its lowest ratings since Season 13 (though ratings are down across all TV). Wikipedia lists that the last time the ratings were near this point was 2009’s Dances with Smurfs (I think this episode’s Avatar/James Cameron references are just a coincidence.)
  • Rascal tipping = cow tipping
  • Last April, James Cameron traveled to the ocean’s deepest point using a submersible called the “Deepsea Challenger”. South Park previously referenced this event in Jewpacabra.
  • Avatar 2 is set and will be partly filmed underwater including motion capture performances. James Cameron is “raising the bar” for filmmakers yet again.
  • James Cameron says, “We’re in the pipe, five by five.” This is a quote from Aliens and the mechanical arm fight with Randy Newman references the film as well. “Goddammit, you bitch!” is from The Abyss. (HT: Just_bass)
  • Randy Newman’s “Fatty Doo Doo” theme song has the lyric, “White President, Black President I don’t care.” Two weeks ago, Randy Newman released a satirical song titled “I’m Dreaming”, that has the refrain, “I’m dreaming of a white president”.
  • "The First Lady’s Symposium on Obesity". Michelle Obama has been leading a campaign against childhood obesity.
  • South Park went meta and questioned if the show itself has “lowered the bar” culturally by contributing to entertainment media (and even society) to become more crass/lowbrow over the past 15 years. The brown haired man and the blonde haired man wearing tuxedos at the end might even be Matt and Trey cameoing as themselves. They have previously discussed the idea of putting themselves in an episode in the commentary for The China Probrem and put childhood versions of themselves in Insheeption. (HT: Virus)
  • According to the DVD commentary, the episode is based on how Disneyland built a new section called “Cars Land” which has lines that are big enough to fit mobility scooters in them, so mobility scooter users can no longer use the scooters to skip lines. This pissed off mobility scooter users and of course inspired Cartman’s storyline.

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