"A Scause for Applause" Quotes/Jokes/References

Check out what “A Scause for Applause” brought us:


  • "Jesus did not suffer for our sins, he was in fact very high."
  • "Jesus Asterisk Christ, Stan!"
  • "Please welcome a retarded fish."
  • "Anything to add retarded fish?" - "No, no I’m good. Thank you."
  • "Are you ready for your Nike commercial?" - "Yes."
  • "I stand for standing."
  • "You know what happens when you lie, Craig? You hold that lie inside. And it grows and it grows right in your balls until they have to cut it out."
  • Butters delayed, “Prostitute!”
  • "You need to Bill Clinton this."
  • "You came for a scause to wear on your paws. And you want others to wear yours upon thars’."
  • "And pink scauses that focus on nothing but tities."
  • "Now I think you are a cute sneaky little butthole."
  • "…the people of Bel-arus need my help". - "I believe it’s Belarus, Jesus."
  • "And now that the Belarusian farmers are all dead, what will you try next?"
  • "…and a jade green one for how much I hate Kyle."
  • Jesus using the HGH and destroying the Scauses factory.
  • "… and even if I did use performance-enhancing drugs, so did all the other prophets- but I didn’t."


  • The episode references the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, his losing a testicle to cancer, his cancer-research foundation, the Livestrong wristband (among other cause wristbands), and the “What Would Jesus Do” wristbands. Defenders of Lance Armstrong point out that while he may have used steroids, he did raise all that money for cancer research just like Stan and Jesus point out the real issue is “the farmers in Belarus”.
  • There is a Walgreens song with a chorus at the opening of the episode.
  • Among Cartman’s bracelets for various causes, are ones that say ‘I ♥ BOOBIES” and “LAPDANCING IS NOT A CRIME”.
  • Mr. Garrison is teaching a history lesson on the first season of Rehab With Dr. Drew., particularly on Jeff Conaway and Seth Binzer. A fan pointed out the reference to Dr. Drew as the episode aired and he tweeted, “OMG”.
  • The French-Swedish official has a voice that is similar to Tim Conway’s character Mr. Tudball from The Carol Burnett Show. This is further referenced when he says, “It’s ahh-starting to feel like ahh-The Carol Burnett Show in here.”
  • The French-Swedish official’s wife is reading “30 Teintes de Pourpre” which translates to “30 Shades of Purple,” a parody of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.
  • The official changes the TV channel to a network that has a weather map with a storm over the U.S., referencing Hurricane Sandy.
  • The plastic bracelets factory and owner are a parody of Dr. Seuss’ stories and characters, specifically The Sneetches and the Onceler from The Lorax.
  • Jesus bulks-out like The Hulk.
  • Jesus’ “Free Pussy Riot” t-shirt refers to jailed Russian punk band, Pussy Riot.

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