South Park and the Los Angeles Kings

Since the NHL lockout ended this morning and some are reporting that the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings are benefiting from the deal, I think it’s as good of a time as any to do a roundup of South Park clips from LA Kings games. They have been making these clips since at least 2002, but more have been popping up on YouTube in the past few years.

Click to watch:

Here’s some background info from

Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame both hail from Colorado, but the pair have been spotted at STAPLES Center during Kings games this spring. Parker and Stone have also gone to work for the Kings, creating and providing the South Park videos that have become as much a part of a the Kings experience as the ubiquitous white towels, which are distributed to all fans in attendance during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Eric Cartman and the kids from South Park, however, would not be able to make appearances at STAPLES Center without Frank Agnone, a South Park producer and diehard Kings fan. Agnone is the conduit between the Kings’ entertainment department and the South Park production team, making sure the videos are timely, fresh, and specific to the circumstances of each game. New South Park content will be unveiled for the Stanley Cup Final.

After the LA Kings won the championship last season, they brought the Stanley Cup to the South Park production offices:

If you find any more clips, comment/reblog/message me and I’ll update the post!


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